Theorizing the Web 2014 will feature three special, highlighted panels. Our keynote this year is panel on race and social media; we also have a panel on theorizing big data, and are now thrilled to announce a panel on sex work and the web. Organized and moderated by Melissa Gira Grant, this…

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I’ve been working on this little tidbit for awhile now. I started writing it because I kept seeing these things on My facebook feed, things that even My FRIENDS in real life were posting. Memes, articles, videos and commentary about “real sex” vs porn sex and then alist of things that to me seem…


Backstage with Stoya…

Backstage at the 2014 AVN awards.


Backstage with Stoya…

Backstage at the 2014 AVN awards.

I'm a lyra artist too and I was watching your films and thinking: where the hell are her bruises? I have an eternal purple line above my butt and all kinds of scars. How do you do this sorcery? (beautiful lyra moves by the way)

Scars: I’m extremely pale and they just kind of blend in with my skin tone.

Bruises: Arnica gel, oral arnica pellets, lots of leafy greens. 

Abrasions: Arnica salve. The pomada de arnica stuff in the yellow plastic jar. It does things for friction burns in ways that no other arnica does.

Also, my hands and cuticles tear like crazy and some adult companies won’t allow a performer to work if they have open wounds on their hands, mouth, genitals, etc. because open wounds increase the risk of bloodborne pathogen spread. So I’d have to stop doing anything that would tear my hands in plenty of time for them to heal up before a shoot, and my body clears up bruises faster than it heals broken skin.

No sorcery, just tons of arnica :)


Drawings of @stoya from GlassGaze


Drawings of @stoya from GlassGaze

This is happening over on I’m the upside down one.

This is happening over on I’m the upside down one.

This is an example…

of what can happen to a writer’s work between being turned in and being posted.

The Original Piece:

Masters Of Sex is a Showtime series about William Masters and Virginia Johnson - a doctor and a former nightclub singer who revolutionized the way we understand the mechanics of sex. I have a lot of hands on experience with sex. Please feel free to verify the previous statement via google, although I’d caution you not to do so at work. Without further adieu, here are the things I learned from watching the first six episodes of Masters Of Sex:

Lizzy Caplan is noticeably more conventionally attractive than Virginia Johnson was. Michael Sheen is also more attractive than man he is playing. Objects in the mirror may be rearranged to appear more aesthetically pleasing than they originally were.

Masters and Johnson were the people who divided human sexual response into the four stages of excitement, plateau, orgasm, and refractory period. This narrative arc is nearly ubiquitous in adult films and our discussions and concepts of heterosexual sex in western culture. Thinking of male ejaculation as the natural end of sexual interaction sometimes contributes to neglect of female pleasure. It also seems to put a whole lot of pressure on the person with the penis to deliver some jizz. Unless you are a sex worker at work, why would you want to frame any part of sex as a task to be accomplished?

Blooming flowers are an effective metaphor for female arousal.

If the experiences of Dr. Ethan Haas are to be believed, oral sex was practically unheard of for many americans in the mid twentieth century. Dear USA, You’re welcome. xoxo - The adult film industry

Quadruplets : 1950s :: Octuplets : 2000s. Yes, I did just reference the SATs.

Male rabbits flirt by swatting at other rabbits with their paws. Everybody say “Awww.” Or don’t, whatever makes you happy.

Ovulation in female rabbits (the thing where they release an egg which can combine with semen to result in bunnies) is triggered by penetration.

If your name is William Masters, sexual practices which differ from your own are deviant until it turns out that someone you know and respect engages in them. Then they’re worthy of research… and also great blackmail. Fun Fact: The Masters and Johnson Institute ran a program in the 70s to convert homosexuals into heterosexuals. Sometimes scientists are judgey wudgey jerks.

William H. Masters III (Dr. Masters’s son) has been arrested for indecent exposure on more than one occasion. I learned this while verifying that the elder Masters actually was a sleepwalker.

Oh yeah - William Masters was a sleepwalker.

Scientists have an intense set of protocols for protecting the identities of people taking part in medical studies.

Crotch blood from a pregnant woman is cause for alarm.

Sigmund Freud thought there was something wrong with adult females who only orgasm from clitoral stimulation. In case you aren’t aware, he was incorrect.

You may have noticed the scarcity of scientific facts in this list of things I learned from watching a show about people who studied sex. This is because there are not many scientific facts in the show. Halfway through the first season the series is understandably still at the point where the pair are just beginning to gather useful data. Additionally, Showtime has never appeared to have the same educational goals as, say,  National Geographic or PBS. It is completely possible that they were just looking for a compelling story with plenty of excuses to show nude people writhing around. If so, well done. At the end of the day this show - much like pornography - is meant as entertainment. Get your facts somewhere else like Masters and Johnson’s books or really any other media on sexuality meant for education.

The Final Product:

By Joey Falsetta for The Unlimited Magazine

By Joey Falsetta for The Unlimited Magazine

This might be an odd question, but can you explain the screaming ad you did for Fleshlight? I hear it ten times an hour in my store and I just don't understand why the screaming.

I wish I could explain it and I’m really sorry that someone is playing it that often in your work place. That must be extremely annoying.

Hi Stoya, I was hoping you can tell me what color you used when you colored your hair red? My colorist kept changing the price and I was not super happy with me color and want to change the red I currently have. Thanks a bunchies! Best- Andrea

Revlon Shades EQ. A mix of 6C and 6R. According to my superintendent it’s a pretty old school method so salons don’t usually have it.